Tuesday, August 09, 2005

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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

title:186 people kidnapped from january til march of 2003-----This piece actually won an award...he he he....yes, that is my hair, it's in a ponytail, the canvas is being held by a wooden structure, in the canvas the quote: "how much is enough" is repeated over, and over and over again, until the whole canvas is covered.-------a small layer of petroleum transparent wax, covers those words, and tear like drops come out of the canvas------------- The ponytail is right in the middle of the canvas, and from it, comes white tissue paper which holds the faces of the peope missing, this tape is about 15 feet long and it moves freely with the wind, people step on it, or some actually respect it.--------- Posted by Picasa

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The floor of my studio, yiup, 24/7 we bonded, 2 years... i miss my studio.... Posted by Picasa

This one says MIAMI all over it! i love her body language....its wonderful... Posted by Picasa

Hermanitas calle...our performance art name.....switching personalities....cata and caro. Posted by Picasa

I'm in love with the senses, colour can sing sometimes... you know? Posted by Picasa

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title:"Our father" ----------6 feet by 32 inches----------materials: wax(petroleum base) 13 candles, 10 wholes in the canvas, wooden structure, tints, lights, mirrors, and acetate portrait photographs, lable maker machine, label tape. ----------------------------------------------This is a process art piece, I used a label maker to pray "our father" until the canvas was completely covered. I layed a very thin layer of was on the canvas---------lit the 13 candles for 13 seconds, and then blew them away. 13 deals with the titles of the Colombian constitution, specifically the article refering to protection to every person in Colombian territory----------- there is a box like structure in the back of the canvas, that is tilted like a podium. There are dimmed lighte behind the piece inside the box like structure.-------------in the canvas, there are 10 holes, these holes have either a small mirror, or a self portrait--------These pictures don't do justice to the real thing, especially this one.But there are more to come----- Posted by Picasa

Performance of Medallion piece--------- This piece is a process installation. There's a lot of elements involved in this piece. There is a projection on the medallions, therefore, the act of kidnapping is taking place in the piece(the medallions are obstructing the image, from being completed in the back white wall.They were stratigically placed so that only small portions of the video proyection are visible) The video, is synchronized with Colombia's national anthem(which can be hear in the back of the installation, almost like a whisper...), the images used are altered photographs which switch every time the tromphet changes a note. These medallions are hanging from the ceiling in a V shape, they are hanged with hemp(allusion to drugs) and wire, which is sometimes used to tie the victims hands and feet. The most important and vital part of this piece is the performance part of it. The act of kidnapping is one of the most violent act, its taking something away from someome. The opposite of kidnapping is the act of giving a gift. As such, I am giving away all of the medallions. Giving them to individuals in the gallery, outside, mailing them to strangers. Spreading knowledge or awareness of my country, they are given in a calculated manner dpending on the length of the show. In the end, once all the medallions are all given away, the final image of the video will be revealed, and the strings will remain.... ***The first half of this piece was done in Miami FL. but it was not finished, the 187 medallions given out on the show were replaced. The second half of this piece will be finished in NY/DC.  Posted by Picasa

title: 643 medallions-------1 side face, the other quote: "freedom and order" = to americas"in god we trust" medium: clay and porcelain, sand, tint, soil, hair--- ---- these are medallions I made out of clay, each one is completely different from the other. They all have an image of a person who was or is currently kidnapped in my country.  Posted by Picasa

Title: "normal day" -------this charcoal drawing is 6 feet by 6 feet. It is usually displayed in museum floors for people to step on.... Posted by Picasa

title:..... 23 still missing. Process art------This piece has one layer of wax for each person that is kidnapped. Only one kid was saved. This is normal where I come from. We are all used to it, and the world is oblivious to it, or simply doesn't care about it.... Posted by Picasa